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Club Rules

1. The current AMA National Model Aircraft Safety Code shall apply to ALL operations.

2. Non members flying at the field must be accompanied by a current GCRC member and must have, in their possession, a current AMA license issued in their name. The current GCRC member, acting as a host, is responsible for providing a safety orientation to the guest pilot and for ensuring that the guest pilot complies with GCRC rules. A guest of a pilot may not fly more than three times a year.

3. All members must have their GCRC membership card and current AMA card in their possession when flying. Each pilot must place his/her GCRC card into the appropriate slot on the frequency board before removing the pin. Frequency pins must be in the pilots possession before the transmitter is turned on.

4. All flying is to be done from a pilot station. A maximum of one pilot per pilot station is allowed.

5. All spectators will remain behind the chain link unless accompanied by a pilot. Children are the responsibility of the parents and should be watched closely.

6. All pilots after take-off and landing will stand clear of the runway by a minimum of 20 feet. No flying over the parking lot or pit area.

7. A muffler, tuned pipe or a generally accepted silencing device must be used on any engine larger than .15 displacement.

8. Engines will not be started or ran under the shed or inside the fenced area that surrounds the pit area.

9. The pilot proficiency test shall consist of:
a. A complete safety check of the aircraft.
b. Three take-offs and landings, without incident, as judged by the designated GCRC instructor.

10. Be sure to impound your radio if you are not using 2.4 ghz!