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AMA 611
The name of this club is Gulf Coast Radio Control club, also known as “GCRC”
The objectives of this club are:
  • To promote a feeling of fellowship and establish closer relations among people interested in radio controlled aircraft.
  • To encourage other people to become interested in this hobby
  • To encourage sportsmanlike conduct when flying model aircraft
  • To work with the Academy of Model Aeronautics as a charted club
  • To obtain and maintain a suitable flying site
    When the conduct of any member becomes detrimental to the character and welfare of the club, or if any of its members conducts his/her self in anyway contrary to or in violation of the constitution, the member, if the Executive Board decides that dismissal is warranted, shall be removed from the roster immediately and refunded that portion of his/her dues remaining.

We would be very excited to welcome you to our club. If you have an interest in joining the club, or are interested in what we are all about, either contact John Kling, David Parrish, or come out to the field any Saturday morning. See ya there.

Also required to obtain GCRC membership, current Academy of Model Aeronautics membership. If not already an AMA member, download the application form below, or go to AMA Online Enrollment, and join there.
Also required to obtain GCRC membership, FAA unique registration number. If not already registered with the FAA, go to FAA Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) Registration, and get registered. We don’t believe there’s a form for offline registration at this time.